Our Mission Statement

Lumen Christi Catholic School is established to teach the unity of faith and reason, through the Light that is Christ Jesus, for the formation of young Catholics in truth and virtue

Our Inspiration

"The mission of the Catholic school is the integral formation of students, so that they may be true to their condition as Christ's disciples and as such work effectively for the evangelization of culture and for the common good of society." --Pope John Paul II, Ad Limina address to North American Bishops, June, 1998.

Our Values

Classically Catholic: Lumen Christi Catholic School, faithful to the Magisterium ofthe Catholic Church and recognized by the Archbishop ofIndianapolis, provides a Catholic K-12 education in the classical tradition. Ours is a comprehensive integrated curriculum that emphasizes all the knowledge, skill, and virtue associated with Catholic scholarsip and sainthood.

Daily Mass: Grace elevates nature, effecting the integration of the whole person into the image and likeness of God. God has blessed Lumen Christi with the ability to bring the whole student body to Mass every day. Our leadership and all our families remain committed to daily Mass with the hopeful expectation that God will always provide the means. Daily Mass is central to our life as a school.

Oath of Fidelity: All teachers at Lumen Christi pledge and sign an oath of fidelity to the Church's Magisterium. Families, too, are asked to fully support Church teaching and model faithful Catholic lives.

Independent: Lumen Christi is an independent Catholic school accredited by NAPCIS (National Association of Private, Catholic, Independent Schools). We are governed by the Lumen Christi board, comprised of committed Catholics from many walks of life, but who share the one vision of holiness and Catholic academic success for all students. As an independent school, we honor the archdiocese in which we serve, but decisions about governance, teaching, and learning belong exclusively to the Lumen Christi school community.